Browse and organize photos
in folders or on external drives
quickly and easily

Journey is available on the Mac App Store for $9.99:

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How Journey Works?

Journey is designed to work with your photo files and folders. Whatever structure you use to organize your photos, Journey will simply display it on its side bar. If you move or rename a folder using Finder, Journey will immediately reflect that change. Conversely, if you create or move a folder to trash with Journey, the change will be instantly reflected in the file system too.

We believe that everyone’s photos are as important as their memories, so they should always be accessible, transferable, and therefore stored locally, either on your computer or an external drive.

Organize The Way You Want

Journey lets you easily and quickly organize photos in an intuitive and familiar manner. A simple, snappy user interface on top of the file system as the underlying storage mechanism.

Organize freely with folders

Use folders to group photos by event, time period, or category. Put folders inside other folders to create projects or group events by year. Folders give you freedom to be as creative when organizing your photos as when taking them.

Favorite the ones you love

Some photos are better than other. Add a heart to your favorites or use star ratings for easy filtering later.

Group photos using tags

Smart tags coming soon

Need to go deeper and categorize photos more granularly? Use color coded tags to group similar photos any way you want or use smart tags to automatically sort similar photos.

Make your workflow

Coming soon

Quickly pass through piles of photos by picking the good ones and rejecting the bad ones.

The Journey Has Just Begun

Journey is made by a tiny team of dedicated people. We really believe everyone who has a camera needs a great tool to import, organize, and edit photos. We are working hard to make this tool a reality step by step.

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Available on Mac App Store for $9.99